CR7 vs KK 7, Georgia massive win KK 7 make history

CR7 vs KK 7, Georgia massive win KK 7 make history

Cristiano Ronaldo vs khvicha kvaratskhelia. CR7 vs VK 7. Ideals vs. fans. The football world saw this fight on the Euro stage on Wednesday.

In that fight, the first lost the second. And after losing, Adarsh warmed his head in front of the fan.

He first met Cristiano Ronaldo 11 years ago. khvicha kvaratskhelia was 12 years old at the time. Ronaldo is playing the world in Real Madrid’s jersey.

 The Georgian teenager had the opportunity to take a picture with the hero. When his country beat Portugal 2-0 on Wednesday night, he wore his country’s number 7 jersey. 

Two minutes later, Georgia took the lead through a goal. His words inspired his teammates to play in the Euro Cup.

Last week, Khavicha wrote to his teammates: “Should I ask for Ronaldo’s shirt after the match? Maybe. Maybe why? Of course I would. 

Ronaldo is my idol. If I get a chance, I will definitely swap jerseys with him. That doesn’t mean we can’t win against Portugal. ”

Georgia is at the bottom of the rankings among the teams playing in this year’s Euro Cup. Portugal lost 0-2 against that ‘weak’ team. 

Ronaldo could not play the whole match. The coach was forced to pick him up. Ronaldo was naturally angry.

 Anger erupted on the field. And 23-year-old Khavicha saw it. The number two number seven jersey holders were on two poles.

Khavicha was photographed with Ronaldo in 2013. The photo is now viral on social media. 12-year-old Khavicha looks at Ronaldo from the crowd.

And now both teams have reached the quarters of the Euro Cup. Portugal topped the group despite losing to the quarters. Georgia won and advanced to the quarters. 

Khavicha gave the team the lead within two minutes of the start of the match. He scored the goal by throwing Portuguese defender Antonio Silva to the ground for the first time playing in the Euro Cup. 

Khavicha plays for Napoli. His talent has caught the attention of football fans around the world. While the 23-year-old Khavicha is catching the eye of world football, his idol, 39-year-old Ronaldo, is furious.

 He cannot accept the defeat of the team. Ronaldo was taken off in the second half. He was also seen kicking the bottle while leaving the field. 

After the match, Ronaldo had a conversation with Georgian footballers. His complaint was pulled in the box but the referee did not give a penalty.

khvicha kvaratskhelia
khvicha kvaratskhelia

Ronaldo leaves the field in the 65th minute, Georgia beat Portugal to reach the knockout stage

Portugal’s leg was cut off by a rotten snail. They lost to Georgia, who finished at the bottom of the Euro qualifying round.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not score in another match. He also had to see a yellow card for protesting the referee’s decision. 

Portugal coach picked up Ronaldo in the 65th minute. CR7 did not accept that decision. He shows resentment. 

Georgia played desperately against Portugal. They secured their place in the pre-quarterfinals as the third team in the group with a 2-0 win.

 However, despite losing to Georgia, Portugal went to the next round from the top of the group. In the other match of the group, Turkey won a tight match against 10-man Czechia.

 The game ended 2-1. As a result, Turkey went to the last sixteen as the second team from this group. Goodbye to Czechia.

Georgia had no choice but to win. Georgia explained at the beginning of the match that they would play aggressive football against a team like Portugal.

 Two minutes later, Portugal defender Antonio Silva caught the wrong pass and entered the box and scored a left-footed shot to give Georgia the lead.

After the initial shock, Portugal slowly started to return to the game. Cristiano Ronaldo was scattered near the box.

 Francisco Concesa played from the beginning of this match. He was creating good chances. In the 17th minute, Portugal got a free kick from about 30 yards away.

 Ronaldo hit a good shot. Georgia’s goalkeeper saved his shot of 130 kilometers per hour. In the 29th minute, Ronaldo fell into the box while heading the corner.

 He continued to appeal for a penalty. The referee did not listen. When Ronaldo went to protest, he was shown a yellow card. 

A few minutes later, Ronaldo got another good chance. The defender blocked his shot. Ronaldo looked frustrated at times for wasting opportunities repeatedly.

Although Portugal increased the pressure, Georgia’s defense could not be broken. They were defending desperately. 

The Georgia goalkeeper also looked good. In at least two cases, he prevented a sure decline. Portugal were wrong in the midfield. 

Georgia was trying hard to exploit that mistake. Kvarzskelia was playing very well. 

Portugal’s defenders were having trouble stopping him. Georgia went into the break leading 1-0 in the first half.

Ronaldo got the chance to repay the goal at the beginning of the second half. The goalkeeper blocked his shot again from the corner.

kvaratskhelia wasted a chance to score Georgia’s second goal in the 50th minute. Three minutes later, Silva made another mistake. 

He fouled Lokosvili in the box. Seeing the load, the referee gave a penalty. Georgia did not make a mistake this time. Mikautaz made it 2-0 in the cold. He scored his third goal in the current Euro.

Portugal were under pressure against Georgia. It didn’t look like they were the Euro 2016 champions. 

The coach was forced to attack young Gonzalo Ramos. Ronaldo was taken off in the 65th minute. He did not accept the coach’s decision. 

When he got up, he kicked the water bottle. It was obvious that he was quite annoyed.

Ronaldo picked up but the picture of the game did not change. The attack was more on Georgia. It was obvious it was their day. 

The way Georgia’s footballers were jumping for every ball, it meant that if you want to win, you can do the impossible.

 They had a few more chances. But he could not score. Georgia’s goalkeeper saved Semedo’s shot well in the added time. 

Two Portuguese footballers standing in front of the goal could not put their feet on Concesao’s shot. 

It was obvious that the day was not theirs. In the end, Georgia won 2-0. In the next round, Portugal’s defense came out of this match. 

If Ronaldo makes a mistake in this way, he may have to face problems in the knockout. Czechia also had to win against Turkey to make it to the pre-quarters. 

As a result, they started playing aggressively. Turkey was under pressure at the start of the first half. But Czechia’s Antonin Barak made a mistake while playing extra aggressive.

 He left the field after seeing two yellow cards in a few minutes. As a result, Czechia had to play 10 men for 70 minutes of the match.

Czechia did not stop attacking even after being reduced to 10. They were playing open. As a result, both teams were creating chances. 

The game of attack counter-attack was going on. The goalkeepers of both teams had to be busy. Czechia had a good chance before the break.

 Jurassek’s shot was well saved by the multiplier. The two teams went into the break without a goal.

In the second half, Turkey increased the attack. They also get its fruit. Czechia goalkeeper Stanek saved Yeldiz’s shot in the 51st minute. 

Calanoglu gets the return ball. Stanek could not save his right-foot shot. Turkey is moving forward.

Czechia did not stop attacking even after falling behind. They get the result. In the 66th minute, the Turkish goalkeeper made a mistake while catching the ball. 

CR7 vs KK 7
CR7 vs KK 7

Sucek used that mistake to return the equalizer with a goal. Turkey protested, but the referee said the goal was legal. 

But a draw didn’t help Czechia. So they kept attacking. Turkey also has a chance. There was an attack from box to box.

Turkey went ahead at the merger time. Tosun scored a right-footed shot from the counter-attack into the Czechia box. 

Czechia did not return. Turkey advanced to the next round with 6 points equal to Portugal. 

At the end of the game, there was trouble on the field. Footballers and support staff of both teams were involved in the scuffle. 

The referee showed a red card to another Czechia footballer to handle the situation.

Kvaratskhelia received the title of “Player of the Match” after an impressive performance against Portugal. 

There, the Napoli star scored 1 goal and made many important contributions, helping Georgia make history when entering the round of 16 for the first time participating in the EURO.

When the final whistle sounded, Kvaratskhelia took the initiative to approach Ronaldo and exchanged jerseys with his idol,which he was not afraid to admit on his personal page was a “dream come true”.

 It is no exaggeration to say that the influence of the 23-year-old winger even overshadowed the Portuguese superstar on the Veltins-Arena at dawn on June 27 (Hanoi time).


In 2013, Ronaldo visited the Dinamo Tbilisi football academy in Georgia and had an exchange with the young players.

 In 2024, the photo of the Portuguese legend and his students that day suddenly caused a stir again. Fans spotted Kvaratskhelia as a boy in the photo.

According to SPORTbible, not only players on the Napoli payroll, there are 10 other players on the list of Georgian squads who won 2-0 against Portugal in the final leg of Group F EURO 2024 graduated from Dinamo Tbilisi academy.

Not everyone is as lucky as Kylian Mbappe, who was photographed with Ronaldo as a child, and later had the opportunity to compete with his idol on the same field.

However, khvicha kvaratskhelia is an exception. The 23-year-old winger blew up Portugal’s net when the match had just passed the 92nd second.

Kvaratskhelia’s neat left-footed finish after a lightning counterattack helped the Georgia team get off to a dream start.

This is also the earliest goal the European “Selecao” has ever received in the EURO arena.

In more than 80 minutes on the field before being substituted, Kvaratskhelia was fouled 4 times despite only 29 touches.

The ability to handle the ball skillfully and firmly hold the ball helped the Napoli striker reduce the pace of Portugal’s attack, and at the same time help Georgia have the opportunity to get on the ball.

The situation of dribbling from the middle of the field past 3 players in the 35th minute, or the ball holding like glue in the legs in the middle of a circle of 4-5 opposing players in the 65th minute shows the quality of Kvaratskhelia. 

In both of these situations, the 23-year-old striker brought a free kick to Georgia. Because of playing defensively, most of Georgia’s attacks come from state transitions. 

Therefore, every time he receives the ball, Kvaratskhelia does not have many teammates to coordinate. 

However, he showed bravery and stubbornness, daring to rush even though he was often “bullied” by the majority of Portuguese players.

Not only that, in the context of the Georgia team having to fight against the opponent’s continuous attacks, Kvaratskhelia actively stepped back to support his teammates.

5 ball recoveries and 8 successful hand-to-hand disputes are impressive statistics for a player who plays on the attack.

The majority of the nearly 60,000 fans who arrived at the Veltins-Arena on June 27 probably want to see Ronaldo score his first goal at EURO 2024. 

That didn’t happen, although the former Real Madrid star still played aggressively and had a few highlights before being substituted in the 65th minute.

However, the best number 7 on the field is not on the Portuguese side, but in Georgia’s red shirt.

For the first time in history

“There is no one who is the best on the pitch today. It is a collective effort. Together, we made history for Georgia.

The players proved to everyone that Georgia can really play football,” Kvaratskhelia said in an interview after the 2-0 victory over Portugal.

Indeed, Georges Mikautadze’s goal to double the gap on the penalty spot in the 57th minute helped Georgia secure a place in the round of 16. 

This is Mikautadze’s 3rd goal in this summer tournament, more than the number of goals scored by England or France, and helped him rise to the top of the list of top scorers.

Not only that, Georgia’s defense combined with the certainty of goalkeeper Giorgi Mamardashvili made the team not concede a goal despite facing Portugal’s strong attack.

“Their goalkeeper (Georgia – PV) is too excellent,” coach Roberto Martinez himself admitted this after the game.

However, with the few Georgian fans present in Germany on June 27, perhaps Kvaratskhelia is the real hero on the day the national team made history. 

He is the spark in the attack, diligent in defense. The incessant cheers of “Khvicha” in the stands when the 23-year-old winger was withdrawn is a testament to this.

In Napoli, fans called Kvaratskhelia by the nickname “Kravadona”, inspired by the late legend Diego Maradona. 

That is the impact that this star left when helping the Italian club to be crowned Serie A in the 2022/23 season after many years of waiting.

For Georgian fans, Kvaratskhelia now has the same influence. With this star in the team, the Eastern European team not only participated in the EURO for the first time but even reached the knock-out round. 

Fans of this country should also start thinking of giving Kvaratskhelia a shorter, more concise and easy-to-read nickname.

Euro 2020 knockout stage begins Saturday, Germany desperate to prove strength

They started the Euro Cup with five goals for Scotland. They also lost to Hungary. Germany’s victory stopped near Switzerland.

Germany is not invincible, the Swiss explained. The host country of the Euro Cup is going to fight another tough battle on Saturday. 

Denmark in front of them in the last sixteen. In the other match, Italy is going to play against Switzerland. Experts are not putting any team ahead in this match.

Germany-Denmark is the only match in the last sixteen, where two unbeaten teams are facing each other. Germany lost to Scotland and Hungary in Group A. 

Drew against Switzerland. On the other hand, Denmark drew against Slovenia, England and Serbia.

Germany were eliminated from the last sixteen after losing to England in last year’s Euro. They have not won a knockout stage in a major competition since Euro 2016.

Last time Denmark reached the semi-finals.Despite playing three matches in the group, this Germany team is not going crazy, which happened in the 2006 World Cup. 

Fans are coming to the ground, roaming the streets with national flags, everything is fine. But the madness hasn’t come anywhere yet. 

Blind supporters are blaming the lack of drugs in Germany’s game. They claim that the intensity of emotions about Germany will return when they reach the quarter-finals.

Germany center back Jonathan Tah will not play in this match due to card problems. Antonio Rudiger also suffered a hamstring injury. 

He returned to practice on Friday. Nico Schlotterbeck can play in place of Taher. If Rudiger does not play, Waldemar Anton could come into the team.

Germany got a good rest as they played six days earlier in the last match of the group stage. The German coach also gave the team a day off. Denmark is resting two days less. 

Denmark have not beaten Germany since 2007. The last four matches have been drawn. However, there is no draw in Saturday’s match. One of the teams is sure to smile on the winner.

The hope for Germany is that they will play in Dortmund. Most of the 80,000 spectators will be there in their support.

 “This stadium is the biggest in Germany,” said Schlotterbeck, who plays for Dortmund. So it’s a special feeling for us to play on this field. 

Gradually, we made an impact on the whole of Germany. If they play well on Saturday, all the Germans will be happy. Support for us will increase. ”

Denmark coach Kasper Hulmand said: “I enjoyed my time in Germany when I was playing football. I played for Denmark in Germany.

There’s nothing more fun than coming to Germany and beating Germany. They’re a strong team. But we are not behind either. ”

Denmark’s star footballer Christian Eriksen could not practice on Friday due to stomach problems. However, the coach hopes to be ready on the day of the match.

Meanwhile, last year’s Euro winner Italy has not been able to fill the mind so far. Although they lost to Albania, they lost to Spain’s dominating football.

In the last minute against Croatia, no one is expecting much hope for this team, even if they go to the pre-quarters with a last-minute goal.

But the advantage for Italy is statistics. Switzerland have not beaten Italy in 31 years. In 61 meetings, the Swiss have won only eight times.

 Italy won the 2006 World Cup in the stadium that played on Saturday. They also remember that memory.

On the other hand, many Swiss footballers play in Italy’s domestic league. So you know the opponent’s style of play. Coach Murat Yakin wants to use it in the last sixteen matches.

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