BJP is in full stop in 240 for more arrogant,The distance between BJP and RSS has increased

BJP is in full stop in 240 for more arrogant,The distance between BJP and RSS has increased

Since the end of the Lok Sabha elections, the distance between the BJP and the The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the parent organisation of the BJP, has increased.

The RSS leader has called the BJP arrogant. Anti-BJP articles have been published in the RSS mouthpiece.

The glory of the incarnate man SriRam is immense. Ram does not do injustice to anyone, only does justice to everyone. 

The Bharatiya Janata Party had dreamt of winning more than 400 seats in the Lok Sabha elections this time around this avatari man. But Ram did not fulfill their dream.

The tussle between the BJP and the RSS, the parent organisation of the BJP, was evident this time from the time of the elections. The reasons for this conflict were many.

 According to RSS leader Indresh Kumar, just as Ram taught a lesson to the opposition ‘India’ this time, he also taught a lesson to the BJP.

 which has become arrogant by remaining in power. It brought the arrogant BJP to power but did not fulfil their hopes and aspirations.

Lord Ram was BJP’s election issue!

This time, Ram was mainly used by the BJP leadership to establish Prime Minister Narendra Modi as prime minister for the third time and become unstoppable in Parliament.

Prime Minister Modi had unveiled the incomplete Ram temple by demolishing Shankaracharya in the midst of a controversial situation ahead of the elections.

An environment was created across the country as if Ram had returned from exile. Going beyond all this, a section of people have circulated pictures where Ram Lala has entered the temple in Ayodhya holding PM Modi’s hand. 

They seem to have crossed all limits of audacity. The Ram temple in Ayodhya, whether it is their devotion or arrogance towards the Yoginayak Ram, such acts proved.

Ram, who talks about worshiping Ram, has become the election issue in the country. If you don’t vote for the BJP, there will be a lock in the Ram temple, you will have to go to ram lala forest house.

 Ram, who was once publicly announced by the Prime Minister that he would never be made a part of the election campaign, was the most heard of Ram in the election campaign meeting.

Avatari purush is not Ram but ‘Vishwaguru’!

A section of the leadership of the BJP party, which has become arrogant by running the government with a single majority for two terms.

Instead of Ram, has publicly called a person who has gone to become a ‘vishwa leader’ by claiming to be a Ram bhakt instead of Ram. 

The incarnate man even claimed that he was not a biological man and that God had sent him to earth. He also said that God is the one who does what he does.

The BJP dreamt of more than 400 seats with this avatari man in front. Everything jumped in just to worship one person.

But such scenes were not there in this group before. Bharat Ratna Former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee was a representative of this party.

This popular leader, however, did not call himself an avatari man like this. The BJP leadership at that time was not involved in individual worship. 

Even the RSS, the bjp’s parent organisation, does not believe in individual worship.

If there is arrogance, then the fall is certain

These leaders, who had forgotten their roots and were so obsessed with arrogance, got their lessons well in the Lok Sabha elections this time.

Even though the government has been formed, time has gone through a dilemma all the time. At what point, there is no guarantee as to who will lang.

The BJP, which won 303 single seats in 2019, campaigned a ‘narrative’ dreaming of winning more than 400 seats this time but won only 240 seats in the counting of votes.

 It is entirely up to the Telugu Desam Party and the Janata Dal United to form the government. Although these two parties are nda partners, it is not necessary to mention afresh what is the history of these two parties with the BJP.

The RSS has now started openly criticising the BJP’s arrogance, which faced such a situation by forming charas.

 RSS national executive member Indresh Kumar has slammed the BJP and the opposition alliance ‘I.N.D.I.A’ without naming any political party at a function in Jaipur. 

RSS National Executive Council member Indresh Kumar, while attending a function in Jaipur, has come down heavily on the BJP without naming it. He says Ram does not do injustice to anyone, only does justice to everyone.

He called the BJP arrogant and said “Ram gives justice to everyone. Look at the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, making those who worshipped Ram the single largest party. 

But this group gradually became arrogant. So their power was reduced. ” He says, “Lord Ram does not discriminate and does not punish anyone.

 Ram gives justice to everyone. He will always continue that line of justice. Lord Ram will always be a lover of justice and always a lover of justice. Just as Rama saved the masses, he also did good to Ravana. ”

Distance between BJP and RSS has increased!

There were allegations that the RSS did not work at the grassroots level on behalf of the Bharatiya Janata Party as it used to be in the Lok Sabha elections this time.

 It is well known that the RSS had a strong role behind the BJP completing two terms with a single majority in India.

But the RSS was accused of not working at the grassroots level for the BJP in the Lok Sabha elections this time. 

The allegation was made by the BJP national president himself. He also claimed that the BJP can win the elections even without the RSS.

Speaking to the media in the middle of the elections, Nadda said the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have surrounded the RSS. 

It is bjp leaders and workers who make the party win the elections. The RSS doesn’t. Nadda claimed that RSS cadres did not come out in favour of the BJP during the polls. 

After JP Nadda made this claim in the middle of the elections, the recent SARSANGL director of the RSS Mohan Bhagwat has also targeted the BJP government and PM Modi on the Manipur issue.

 He also called for giving importance to Manipur, which has been in turmoil for more than a year. 

Meanwhile, the RSS manifesto also criticised the NCP’s decision to make the Ajit Pawar faction a partner in the Maharashtra government this time.

 An article in the mouthpiece says that the BJP has ignored the real workers of the party by giving importance to the party leaders.

Distance between BJP and RSS has increased
Distance between BJP and RSS has increased

The BJP Govt in Assam is also criticised by RSS leaders

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, Tirthankadas Kalita, the RSS’s Assam region’s field intellectual head, had openly criticised the Assam BJP.

He openly criticised the BJP on social media soon after the BJP lost the Karnataka assembly elections.

He explained that if the wrongs are not rectified then Assam will be the same as in Karnataka for the BJP. The veracity of the feeling that Tirthankadas Kalita felt at that time was evident in the Lok Sabha elections this time.

After the karnataka elections were over, a section of bjp leaders from the national and Assam had dismissed the defeat with utmost arrogance. 

The BJP’s strength and popularity were brimming with arrogance that it had not diminished by any quality. The results were in this election.

This RSS leader opposed the creation of an atmosphere in favour of the BJP in the state only through beneficiary schemes.

 “There is no such thing that beneficiaries will vote, cash schemes lure the party leadership and frustrate the common workers,” he said. 

How will the organisation become stronger if there are no workers? It is difficult to win elections without organisation. ”

The ASSAM BJP may have got evidence of the RSS leader’s statement in Jorhat constituency. Even after a government jumped into this constituency, Gaurav Gogoi was elected to the Lok Sabha by over one and a half lakh votes.

A government was defeated by Gaurav Gogoi, who won by fighting against a government alone. However, during the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.

The Assam government tactfully kept the women of this constituency away from participating in rahul gandhi’s journey by distributing the form of beneficiary scheme.

In the midst of the elections, the arunodaya scheme was being propagated tactfully. This campaign also did not save the end to the party.

 An atmosphere has begun where the party leaders are unable to open their mouths in this context by campaigning in the constituency with extreme arrogance and arrogance.

BJP has grown up

Is the BJP in crisis? Is that indicated in recent accounts? Has the prospect of that crisis alarmed bjp’s Bagha Bagha leaders? Are leaders like J P Nadda.

sitting in the top seats of the party, who are sitting in the top seats of the party, have been forced to decide the tone by anticipating the likely outcome of the Lok Sabha elections.

For the BJP, which says it is 400per this time, such an answer has not come out in anybody’s equation. What if the BJP does not get the magic number required to form the government? Those are the questions that have touched the BJP now.

 The pace of elections is not the same as it used to be. Work may not be accomplished this time just by the magic of Modi. It seems impossible to maintain the continuity of the state with the slogan of Hindutva alone. 

That is why the BJP seems to be in the campaign to purify itself. Hoping for Muslim votes and support, the BJP is mentally prepared to avoid the RSS. 

The warning has already been heard on the face of national president J P Nadda. The RSS never dreamt that the BJP would ever say such a thing.

 Nadda’s words are being discussed in the saffron camp. Earlier, the BJP needed the RSS. The RSS is no longer needed. Has the RSS suddenly become so isolated for the BJP!

Nadda, who is the national president, wants to say the BJP has grown up. National politics The ideology and guardianship of the RSS has become worthless for them. 

After hearing these things, Nagpur too thinks – they were feeding milk all these days and burying a venomous snake calf called the BJP. 

Growing up, the snake cleaned the brahmakhuti on the palate of Nagpur.The party that is set to ignore the sacrifices and ideals of Atal Bihari Vajpayee has evaluated itself as not the same as Vajpayee’s time and Modi’s time. 

Apart from the Modi-Amit Shah force, no one can understand what is the trend within that party. In the beginning, the BJP was incompetent. The blessings of the RSS were needed to convert that inability into a capability. 

After the BJP gained power today by capturing Delhi with that blessing, the BJP will continue to be an example of betrayal because of this politics in the face of the RSS.

 Suddenly, the BJP is on a mission to save itself from communal sentiments. Rss has started the campaign by sacrificing it. 

However, the responsibility of strengthening the organisational base of the BJP is still handed over to the RSS leaders.

The organisational secretary of the party is a responsible post. Rss leaders are appointed to that post either in the state or national arena. 

The political circle of Assam knows how powerful the man in this position, who once took a bag around his neck, was.

The ideological battle between the RSS versus the BJP, the nine BJP vs the old BJP is now seen in assam as well. 

Similarly, there is a conflict between the parties in the camp of two powerful leaders who are positioned at both ends.

Contrary to such a stand of the BJP in the national context, there is an expression of discontent and anger within the party in Assam as well.

 On important days like polling, there has been a backlash in favour and against the leaders who have received show cause notices criticising their own party’s government.

The BJP MLA alleged that the style of speaking and his speech have damaged thousands of votes of the party. 

The BJP leader also sent a letter to state president Bhavesh Kalita covering issues such as the old BJP, who gave how much time, how the old BJP struggled to take the party forward.

The letter, which has gone public, openly raises anger, regret and allegations against the other batches of Essam. 

Within the BJP, there is a gradual destruction of the Jadu dynasty. For someone, the fact that someone has become more powerful has become the main topic of the party’s internal discussion.

This incident in the BJP has been caught in the eyes of the people. Jp Nadda’s comments prove that. In THE BJP now, the RSS is the only one, who the rest are.

RSS has a deep impact on Modi’s life

PM Modi has written about the father of current Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat that his dress had a Marathi-Gujarati imprint.

After meeting Madhukar Rao, it seemed that he had merged inside us. Like milk dissolves in sugar. “Gujarat will always remain indebted to the revered Madhukarrao. 

The identity of the Sangh in Gujarat was negligible. At such a time, he spent his entire youth.

Born in Chandrapur near Nagpur in Maharashtra, Mudhakar’s father Narayanrao Bhagwat was a famous lawyer. In 1929 he became a volunteer.

 Modi further explains that Madhukar Rao first came to Surat in Gujarat. They started a branch there. After this, he started branches in Vadodara and Karnavati (Ahmedabad).

Modi writes that in 1943-44, many volunteers like L.K. Advani got an opportunity to study under Madhukar Rao. After Matji’s death, he accepted the household life at the insistence of the family.

 His father died a few days after marriage, but he remained active as a householder preacher and his connection with Gujarat remained. 

He later dedicated his son Mohan Bhagwat to the nation. At such a time, the distance between the Sangh and PM Modi is being mentioned, then this book is in the headlines.

Relationship with PM Modi-Bhagwat!

Supporters argue that those who are talking about differences between the Sangh and BJP after the Lok Sabha elections.

He needs to understand the old and deep relationship between PM Modi and Mohan Bhagwat. There is a relationship of Guru Bhai between the two. 

Mohan Bhagwat’s father Madhukar considered Modi as Manas son. When Modi was 20 years old, he came in contact with Madhukar ji and then spent a month-long training camp with him in Nagpur.

 From here, a father-son relationship was formed between them. The current sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagwat is the son of Madhukar ji. 

Madhukarrao is known for establishing the foundation of the Sangh in Gujarat. Years ago, PM Modi wrote a book named ‘Jyotipunj’. 

It is available in Hindi. In this book, PM Modi has written about such RSS pracharaks. Which influenced him very much. Madhukar Rao Bhagwat’s name is included in these.

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